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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Dual Sim 4G LTE Smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Dual Sim 4G LTE Smartphone


The new flagship — Redmi Pro

Idol among smartphones

Why can Redmi Pro smartphone become a favorite gadget for everyone? The answer is obvious. It is a completely new technological solution, complemented by a beautiful design. Try a new experience of life in the modern world of smart generation. New stylish flagship Redmi Pro with dual camera, a 10-core processor, and innovative technologies will open you the possibilities of the future today.

  • Dual camera
  • 10-core processor
  • 5.5″ OLED-screen
  • Full metal housing
  • 4050 mAh high capacity battery
  • Maximum version — 4GB + 128GB

Dual camera

The new level of photography with a smartphone

The latest impressive smartphone from Xiaomi is a revolution in the world of mobile phones. The dual camera will open up the new shooting possibilities thanks to the SLR blur effect. The technology emulates the human eye, so you will get a soft bokeh effect when focusing, which allows you to achieve the quality of SLR camera shooting. You will be able to take stunning creative photos.

10-core Helio X25 processor — impressive performance

Fast like the wind

Time is running too fast, isn’t it? You will be able to keep up with new trends thanks to a 10-core processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, which increases the performance of the smartphone by 89%, and the graphics processing speed — by 180%. Smoother textures, more coherent and fast processes — this is what will allow you to be a step ahead.

Improved design efficiency and optimized processes reduce the energy consumption level up to 30%.

5.5″ OLED-screen — bright colors, deep black

1 : 60000 contrast ratio

The main feature of OLED-screens is that each pixel is illuminated independently, so black becomes blacker and contrasting colors — more vivid. The Xiaomi Redmi Pro display supports 100% of NTSC color gamut, which is 38% better result than conventional phone screens usually have. Thanks to the professional color adjustment algorithm, an image comes alive, becomes more realistic and creates a nice effect for your eyes. See the world in a new way with Redmi Pro!

Brushed all-metal housing

Authentic metal texture

Despite the fact that more and more telephones today are manufactured using the metal housing parts, they feel differently in the hand. Unlike most models of other manufacturers that use hybrid metal housing, Redmi Pro has an all-metal design. A special casting method which is used for its production allows achieving a more uniform texture.

All angles are processed by the high precision diamond cutting method and retain the natural pattern of the metal. This makes the surface even more pleasant to the touch and allows it to gently reflect the sun’s rays, making each edge of the smartphone shine.

4050 mAh — enhanced battery capacity

Excellent autonomy

Large battery capacity, as well as special energy-saving technology, allows Redmi Pro to operate longer without recharging. You no longer need to worry that your phone will be discharged at the wrong moment.

Fingerprint identification

Redmi Pro will allow you to keep your data safe and will not allow attackers to hack the phone. An accurate fingerprint recognition technology will allow you to unlock your phone with one touch and protect your content.

More space for your files

4GB + 128GB in maximum version

Would you like to always have all the necessary information at your fingertips? Do you want to keep each photo and video, in order to save the memories of the brightest moments? Then you’re probably familiar with the problem of constant lack of free space. In the Redmi Pro smartphone, this problem is solved by two additional slots for SIM-cards that you can use to expand the memory up to 128GB in addition to the built-in ROM.

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